Real property management

FHU ALSTAR manages its properties by itself and the management includes the following:

The plans of development were made in such a way, that they intend to guarantee as favourable conditions of working as possible. Accordingly, the lessees of our service areas are selected to make the whole area of Alstar Office Centre convenient to its users. There is Fitness Club in our area and the cafe is going to be open in the nearest future. Subsequently, the kiosk, laundry, cash machine and bar are going to be open.

The development of the area is planned in accordance with spatial plan of the district, which has been being formed. The development of our area will enable us to build new car parks on a following scale: one parking place for every two workers employed in Office Centre area.

Doing investments:
The Architect Office ┬śWojdacki & Skoczek make all the architectural designs for Alstar Office Centre. We supervise the building works on our own.

- keeping cleanliness inside and outside the building and clearing the roads and car parks of snow also included,
- technical maintenance of the following: shared areas of the buildings, car parks, roads; periodical services included,
- maintenance of green areas.

On our customers order we can provide the services of maintenance and cleaning - on the area that is rented by the lessee.


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