North Warehouse

Hala magazynowa

Total space: 2410 m2
Office space: 270 m2
Warehouse space: 2140 m2

Car park:
above-ground: 20
underground: 0


Storehouse space with the dimensions: 30,0 m x 72,0 m (axes of the building) and height inside ľ from 6,2 up to 8,3 m. The building is standalone, single-storeyed, without basements with steel structure. The social-office part is made with plaster-carton technology. The object is equipped with installations: electric, gas fittings (supplied by existing propane-butane container), heating, air conditioning (only social-office part), smoke-combustion installation, emergency lighting, aqueous-sewer installation, installation of telephone communications.

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Hala pˇ│nocna

The building was rented


Zawila 61 Street
30-390 KRAK├│W
tel./fax +48122620191