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North Office Block

Office space: 1310 m2
Warehouse space: 100 m2

Car park:
above-ground: 100
underground: 0


Three-storey office block which plan is based on square with side of 22,42 m long. Inside there are centered situated, three-run stairs made with reinforced concrete. In the heart of stairs there is electric lift. The office block is equipped with heating, air conditioning (air-blowing and ceiling), ventilating system, alarm and internet installation, structural wiring. The staircase is lighted additionally by skylight. On each floor there are plumbing and kitchen knot and additionally on the first floor there is conference room and social room. At the building there is parking place for building users.

North Office Block North Office Block

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North office Block

North office Block

The building was rented


Zawila 61 Street
30-390 KRAKóW
tel./fax +48122620191