Area characteristics

Alstar Office Centre encompasses an area of 3,8 hectares. The whole lot is fenced in, and there are three access gates: the main on the side of Zawila Street, and two additional (southern and eastern).
On Alstar area there are situated: office buildings (one three-storey office building and five office pavilions) which have altogether above 2000 m2, three storage halls and the area of 5.500 m2, and 7.500 m2 of manoeuvre grounds and car parks.
The entire plot is fenced in, closed during the night and guarded.
The whole area is well-kept we take a particular care of green areas and good maintenance of the internal infrastructure and all the facilities.

Among our main customers are: Lekkerland (former Milo S.A.) ,DHL and Veracomp S.A. There are also situated Squash Alstar Fitness Club and one-storey office buildings (the area of 650 m2), in which Alstar's head office and several smaller companies are located.

The neighbourhood characteristics
As regards communication, the investment area is located in a very valuable part of Krakow, which is intensively developing. In a direct neighbourhood of the plot, there are green and industrial areas. In the close vicinity of Alstar (about 2 kilometres to the east) there is one of the biggest commercial centres of Krakow. It is the Zakopianka Shopping Centre with two huge department stores: Carrefour and Castorama.
About 1 km to the north-west, there is located a Special Economic Zone, where the buildings of Jagiellonian University Campus are being built. There are also the head offices of big companies such like Motorola, BPH Bank etc.
Between the Office Centre and the Special Economic Zone, there are areas with complexes of many-storey blocks of flats.
There is a great possibility that Kraków Special Economic Zone will encompass also the area of Alstar Office Centre in the nearest future.
It is worth to pay attention to the fact that on Alstar President initiative, the local entrepreneurs have formed an association called: Green Zone of Entrepreneurship ˜Business Park Zawiła. The association is actively working for local development, improving the communication and safety, as well as making the most of the advantages of this part of Krakow.


Zawila 61 Street
30-390 KRAKóW
tel./fax +48122620191